DBS Bank User Research: Designing a better experience of applying for a new Credit Cards through Mobile App

April 9, 2020 by miawmiaw0

1. Overview

DBS Bank is a multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Singapore. As any other bank, DBS also offered a credit card program for a hassle less financial transaction.

In DBS Indonesia, most of this process is still being done manually ( or, at least when this article is written on Oct 2019). The clients can sign up on dbs.id, choose available city, then sales representative will contact the user within 3 days of work through the phones, and then make appointments to meet the user to explain the program and get the user to sign up.

2. Problem We encountered

Illustration of documents needed: 1. Application form 2. Credit Card 3. ID Card 4. NPWP
Illustration of documents needed: 1. Application form 2. Credit Card 3. ID Card 4. NPWP

Paper application of credit cards and unsecured loans have some weak points:

  1. Risk of client`s information being lost/ damaged due to the paper application.
  2. Most of the clients don`t have the photocopies of the document required at the time ( ID, Credit cards, etc ), means that the sales will take the picture of the document of clients needed through his/her phone, and then printed it later for submission, or make a second appointment to collect the photocopies. 
  3. The process filling in the application of applying credit card manually takes time, and also the data that is received will be recorded digitally again to be analysed before granted.

The management also have some issues regarding the KPI: The urgency to know the location of sales executive in the field to ensure that sales are working effectively and hence, the report submitted are true

In this case, we are trying to solve problems focused on Sales Executive sides, while incorporating solutions for the Management`s issues

“How can the Sales Executive of DBS Bank help clients to apply credit card easily and performing well in their job?”

3. Users & Audience


Lisa, the sales executive who helps the client
Lisa, the sales executive who helps the client

4. Roles & Responsibilities

This was a  for DBS Indonesia. DBS invited several potential third party company to discuss about the scope and requirement.

I was given the responsibility to led the design and research of this project in August 2019 and collaborated with the lead Software Engineer of the third party company to work on the solutions.

This research was done remotely.

5. Scope & Constraints

The scope for this project is to build the flow of user applying for cc/ unsecured loans( KTA ) helped by the sales executives. The application will be installed in sales`s device as the requirement from the DBS.

The research and design for this product was conducted remotely and done in one week, due to the urgency to present the solution.

6. Kickoff & My Process

What did I do?

The research method is being done by gathering the data like the requirements to applying the Credit Card and unsecured loans, and the second phase is gather additional data from the DBS website

Why did I do it?

The research is done quantitatively due to the  for the project

What was the result?

Discovery phase: In order to submit, clients need to fill in the document, attach photocopies of the documents. After the process of filling in the data is finished, the clients need to sign the document, and the process is finished.

General flow of submitting the Credit Card process
General flow of submitting the Credit Card process

Early Insights from the data: The information that needed to be filled by clients can be group into:

  1. User`s information from documents. Eg: Name, ID number, Address, Birth Date, Nationality, NPWP ID, etc
  2. Additional/ personal information of user. Eg: Phone Number, Work places, existing Credit Cards number and details
Grouping Information
Grouping Information


  1. Filling in the Basic Information of user can be speed up through scanning the client`s document and convert it to the data automatically through OCR.
Data that we can get from OCR conversion
Data that we can get from OCR conversion
The flow that I developed based on the solution above
The flow that I developed based on the solution above

2. After the data is gotten, the clients can recheck to revalidate the data from OCR

3. Document signing can be substitute through e- signing.

4. To make sure that the application is valid, we can generate a link that goes to user`s mobile phone as a pre- confirmation of the application submitted. At the same time, when generate a link from sales`s device, we can send the sales` location for reporting.

7. Outcomes & Lessons Learned

“I prototyped two versions that perfected into one final flow of the application process of the DBS Credit Card, allowing the sales exec to have an hassle free process and efficient in submitting the application”

What did I learn?

My first approach of the design is highly focused on the submission step itself forgotting the basic how sales sells the product. A customer make a decision to apply for the products when they already gain enough information about it. In this dashboard version, what is lacking is the product type and the explanation of the product itself.

Dashboard page
Dashboard page

What to do differently next?

  1. Incorporate product informations at the dashboard to help sales present the product better.
  2. Also the options of applying credit card should be incorporated from Digibank Mobile App directly, not just from the sales executive`s device, so it can help user to apply by themselves faster. Unless, it is what the Managements decision for now

Final words

Thank you so much for reading! I am still new in writing! ( hahaha )

You can check the design detail more on awesomeUI-1 and awesomeUI-2

PS: Once again, this research was conducted remotely with data constraint within a short time, so I believed that there is a lot of room to improve and so much opportunities in the future.

Feel free to shoot up some feedbacks. 😉

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